They Know Not What They Do

Photo by fotografierende on Unsplash

I see them leaving me. These bonds unraveling though forged over decades. Their actions speak louder than their words. It’s what they don’t say that I am afraid of. It’s what they stand up for that makes me fall into despair. It’s that hat and tortured logic and what they whisper in their prayers to their god wrapped in flag colors. Bless us, only us, we beseech thee. We, the righteous patriots of this land. We, who are the chosen inheritors of all it affords. We, that you love more than all the others.

If we lived in Nazi Germany I imagine you would be goose stepping down the boulevards and strasses. I see you cheering and waving enormous flags and then turning towards me you point out my whereabouts to the Gestapo. This is how it happens, correct me if I’m wrong. It may start in slow motion but tip anything too far in one direction and you’d be amazed at how irrevocably it all comes crashing down.

I am very sad to say there no longer is

a halfway point

between us.



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